• Last week, we sent Bovine Simulator to the AppStore for review. We were super happy, because we were finally releasing our first game!!  There were some minor bugs, but it was OK, since it was some kind of experimental project for us. We even uploaded screenshots for the new iPhone 6, just to be super up-to-date.

    BUT…. we did not count that, a couple of days later, iOS8 was released… and, of course, it wasn’t working. Aaaargh!


    issue #1: iOS8 + UE4 and landscape mode

    For some reason, the game wasn’t accepting anymore the landscape mode, and it was loading weird (look at the image below).
    The .plist file looked ok, the settings on UE4 were correct too, but the app was being displayed in a weird way. Well, after some headache, we discovered that upgrading to UE4.4 solved this issue (we were using 4.3 at the time). Wonderful!


    issue #2: iOS8 + UE4 and the missing provisioning

    But no, it wasn’t wonderful. Because at that point, we started having major problems packaging the app for distribution. UE4, for some reasons, did not include in the package neither the provisioning, nor the resources file. 

    (Just to let you know, you can check your app’s signatures by running this command:

    codesign -dvv Payload/UE4Game.app

    ​We searched on the internet, and we weren’t alone: they suggested us to unpackage the .ipa file, and the sign it again manually using the xcrun command. But something was still wrong, since we got an error stating that our “.plist file had been modified”, and it could not sign it. What? We didn’t even touch it! :(

    After some more deep googling, we found out that you have to remove a .xcodeproject folder from your UE4 project before packaging. Appartently it was creating some conflict within UE4. After removing it, we could be able to easily package everything from UE again. Fantastic!!!


    issue #3: can’t connect to GameCenter Sandbox :(

    We were super happy, then. We uploaded our .ipa to TestFlight website (we used that a couple of years ago for Venice tides, too), with our ad-hoc provisioning, and we sent the test version of the app to our devices for a final control. Guess what? We got stucked again: Game Center wasn’t working anymore. 

    Before iOS8, we had already created some sandbox account for GameCenter, and everything was working fine. Now, when trying to open GameCenter from within the game, we got an error saying that it could not connect the account. 

    Our first idea was to reset the device (it used to solve the issue), but that wasn’t the case. We found some very useful articles (like this, and this) that helped us a lot. What we had to do was to test the app with TestFlight inside iTunesConnect (and not externally from the old website, as we were doing). By doing that, an option should appear in your device under Settings > Game Center, called “Sandbox”, that will let you test all the Game Center features.


    issue #4: no more ad-hoc provisioning for TestFlight

    We uploaded our .ipa to iTunes Connect then, but in the “Prerelease” tab we were getting this error: Build does not contain the correct beta entitlement

    Wow… What we had to do was to recreate the provisioning (so that it will list, among entitlements, a property called “beta-reports-active: true”, package again the application and re-upload it to iTunes Connect (you have to wait about 10-15mins until Apple process your app).

    Well… we tried again, and again, and again, but our new provisionings never had the beta-reports property. Why?!?

    By the way, to check what entitlements your build has, you can run this command:

    codesign -d --entitlements :- “Payload/UE4Game.app”

    And, you know what? We were generating an ad-hoc provisioning, because in the past we always had to use that to beta-test apps with TestFlight. And no-one told us that wasn’t necessary anymore! Now you can upload to iTunes Connect your final build, with the AppStore provisioning. Before sending it to Apple for review, you can directly test your app with TestFlight and, when everything is ready, just send it to Apple right away.

    Wow! That’s wonderful and way better than before actually, and we’re super glad it works this way now. But let’s be honest: the process had been very very harsh, and it would have been nice to get some news from Apple about how to handle this new changes to iTunesConnect.


    But hey, all's well that ends well :)
    Now we only have to wait for Apple’s approval. We’ll keep you updated! 

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  • It’s been a while since our last post and, honestly, we put the “Diving Circus” project on pause (you might have realized it by now :P). We still love it and, who knows, maybe one day we will complete that, too. But, for now, we’re focusing on something else. 

    We realized we need more experience in game development and the only way to achieve that is to make more and more projects. The smaller, the quicker, the better. Making a game is not easy at all, and the fact that we have a full-time job doesn’t help us concentrate. The idea is to start working on very small projects, something where we can focus on details, and began building some experience in the game industry. In this scenario, the release of the amazing Unreal Engine 4 helped us a lot, and created the conditions for us to move on this new “philosophy”.

    Inspired by Ludum Dare, we decided to build something very simple, with strict time constraints, that could challenge our creativity and developing abilities. We aim to release at least 3 o 4 small games, before concentrating again on a bigger project again.

    So we tried UE4, played with it, and… we loved it! So much that we turned our first experiment (a ball moving from point A to point B, without touching point C) to a real game that we are releasing soon! 

    And that’s how Bovine Simulator was born.

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  • It's finally time to reveal something about our new project.
    The (temporary) name is Diving Circus and it will be a game a high diving game set in a vintage circus! As we said before, there will be a championship, character customization and a lot of achievements and collectibles. The goal is to make a simple, yet fun and well designed game. We hope to achieve that with your help, too!

    We have no experience with games, but from Venice tides we learned that it's super important to have a general idea of the game before worrying about details. We have wireframes and storyboards, but we think it's not interactive enough. That's why we're experimenting this new "strategy": we're developing the game as a rough prototype: no final graphics, no too much details. We're working on the core mechanincs and gameplay, because we want to be sure it's fun to play, and that the general user experience goes smoothly from the start to the end. And, you know what? it's working! Not only we have a better general idea of the whole experience, but it's very good for the team morale, too. We see the game quickly coming to life, and it gives us more confidence to keep working on it.

    Until now, we've developed the game scene, with the whole diving mechanics and championship rankings, and we're quite happy with the results :) The next step is the menu screen, with the customization of the character. We'll keep you updated with the work in progress!
    And, please, don't forget to check our tumblr page to see new screenshots and animations of the game!

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  • They're finally here! Our Venice tides promotion stickers arrived today and we're super excited about 'em!

    We decided to run a (very) small local marketing campaign here in Venice. Venice tides it's the perfect app for that! We've been unsure to invest in either facebook ads or this stickers campaign, but we decided the latter: first of all, it's cool :D It's something materic, a campaign that you can touch, and it makes Venice tides feel more like a real product! The other reason is that facebook campaigns - with our small budget - just don't last. While with stickers we should have a cute merchandise that people can collect or, even better, put anywhere aroud the city! And it will stay there - at least until someone won't cover it with it's own sticker :P

    We'll leave a bunch of stickers in some targeted locations in Venice - mainly places frequented by young people like universities, pubs and libraries - available for everyone to be taken away and be sticked anywhere in Venice. We love the idea that venetians people will help us spread the word, bringing Venice tides anywhere they wanted.

    Interested in how the campaign is going? Follow the updates on our Facebook page!

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  • Already on iOS 7? We discovered a small issue on Venice tides with the new iOS. 
    The picker to change your personal 'acqua alta' level is not working anymore. Well, actually, it is working, but it disappeared :P If you try to move your fingers on the screen you can hear the click click sound of the picker and see the value changing on top. So, the picker is there, but it's invisible! 

    Don't worry, we're working on it. We plan to release an updated version in a couple of days.

    Btw, we've googled the problem but it seems we're the only one having it. We'll let you know how we solved it, in case there's someone out there that needs help with the same issue :)

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