Venice tides

Check out the ‘acqua alta’ on the go!

Is the water already close to streets level?

Venice tides is an intuitive and friendly way to get updated about ‘acqua alta’ phenomenon in Venice.

It uses cute illustrations to show you - at a glance - what level has reached the water at the moment and when the next tide will occure. Either if you want to enjoy acqua alta or avoid it, this is the app for you!

  • Next acqua alta level

    Do I have enough time to reach my hotel before the next acqua alta?

    What’s the water level right now?

    Venice tides gives you first the information that comes more handy on the go. The illustration shows you how high is the water right now compared to the street level, while a little crab will walk up to the next tide level and tells you when it will occure, and - if you touch it - how high, in cm, will the peak be.

  • I’m a techy person and I want to know more...

    What will happen tomorrow?

    If you’re staying in Venice for more than one day, don’t worry! Now that you understand more about how ‘acqua alta’ works, you can read charts, too.

    By rotating your device, you will get tides forecasting for the next two days. An indicator also shows you exaclty where we are now in the chart.

  • Hey, I’m not a tourist, I live and work here and I want to customize this app.

    Customize the app street level to resemble yours.

    Each street, in Venice, is at a different level, which means that some places will get flooded before others, in case of ‘acqua alta’.

    The app’s default level is 110cm, but... what if you live in a place where the streets get flooded at 90cm? You can set the app’s ‘acqua alta level’ to the same high of the street where you live or work... and make the illustration resemble the view out of your window!

  • Push notifications on 'acqua alta' in Venice

    ...and get customized push notifications!

    If you want, you will get a push notification every time a supernormal tide event will occur. By default, that happens when the sea level reaches a peak higher than 110cm (Venice’s standards), but if you customized the app with your own ‘acqua alta level’, you will get notifications for each tide peak higher than the level set by you.

  • Venice tides, an iPhone app for 'acqua alta' events in Venice

    It doesn’t matter if you live in Venice or you’re just visiting...

    ...Venice tides let you know how the acqua alta works and when you should get worried about it... and it does that in an easy, fresh and innovative way.

    Like it? Then get it from the App Store now!